Our clients love what we do for them.

“As a woman, I have encountered several instances where my instincts warned me that something was not right; that a repair man was flat out lying to me.  On the other hand, the first time I met Pat, I just knew I could trust him to give me a candid assessment of the repairs my RV needed.  He doesn’t try to sell me something additional that I don’t really need like other repair places have tried to do in the past.

The first RV repair Pat completed for me was the motor on my steps.  Pat took a look at my step assembly and told me I didn’t need new steps—they were fine.  I just needed a new motor assembly.  His straightforward, no-nonsense approach was refreshing and meant the world to me.  He has worked on my rig several times and has always provided the same trustworthy, quick and reasonably priced service I have come to expect from him and his family team.

I encourage you to give him a call or just drop by the shop to talk.  You’ll be sold on his integrity and his workmanship.  You’ll be glad you did and you won’t want to take your RV anywhere else!”

Robin P.